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Nursing Education

The Nursing Education specialty prepares nurses for the educator role in academic and clinical settings to deliver didactic and clinical instruction through a variety of teaching, learning and evaluative methods. Nurse Educators teach patients and their families, provide staff development programs, evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs, and instruct nursing students.

Graduates serve as clinical educators in health organizations and faculty members in schools of nursing, sharing knowledge and skills to prepare the next generation of nurses for effective practice.

Paired with faculty mentors throughout the program, students complete applied teaching projects in the Educator specialty courses, including a final student teaching practicum. NRSG 801 Advanced Health Assessment requires five visits to the KUMC campus. All other required courses for the program are offered online.

The KU School of Nursing participates in the Kansas Board of Regents Nurse Educator Service Scholarship program and the HRSA Nurse Faculty Loan Program.

Stackable Program: To encourage career and academic progression, students who have completed the Health Professions Educator Certificate have special Graduate Studies approval to apply the four certificate courses (NRSG 870, 871, 873, 874) to the master's program degree requirements.

Summary of Course Requirements

Common Core

Credit hrs.

NRSG 748

Theories for Practice and Research: Individual, Family, Community


NRSG 754

Health Care Research


NRSG 755

Professionalism in Advanced Nursing Practice


NRSG 898

Research Project in Nursing


Leadership and Advanced Practice Core

NRSG 880

Organizational Foundations for Leading Change


NRSG 812

Advanced Pathophysiology


NRSG 813

Advanced Pharmacology


NRSG 801

Advanced  Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning


NRSG 892

Clinical Practicum Elective (specialty area)


Nursing Education Specialty Core

NRSG 870

Designing a Student Learning Environment


NRSG 871

Curriculum/Program Planning and Evaluation


NRSG 873

Teaching with Technologies


NRSG 874

Health Professions Educator Preceptorship


NRSG 877

Foundations in Education and Learning


Total Credits Required:



Last modified: Sep 05, 2019